The Tale of the Empress – del 5

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The Tale of the Empress series
digital assemblage 2015

”The red an white walls of the palaces in the grandiose capital seemed to suffocate the young Empress. She felt trapped, like an exotic bird in a golden cage, watched and controlled by the establishment of the rigid court and the curious people outside. She was the Mother of the country, but she was not trusted with any knowledge of her countrys political affairs. She was the mother of the royal children, but they were taken from her by the Archduchess who always knew best. The Empress felt very lost. She longed for the vast lanscapes of her home, the animals and her family. She longed for freedom. All this gold and splendour she would gladly give away, just to be able to run free in the fields and mountains of her home. As often as she could she escaped the coldness of the capital.

”Fresh spring returns / And trims the trees with new green / And teaches new songs to the birds / And makes the flowers bloom more beautifully. // But what is springtime bliss to me / here in the faraway, strange land? / I long for the sun of home / I long for the banks of Isar.””

©Susanna Varis

Om Susanna Holmén Waris

Susanna Holmén Waris, född 1968 i Salo, Finland, civilingenjör från KTH och frilanskonstnär som arbetar inom järnvägen. Bloggen handlar om allt från konst, politik och vetenskap till mode, humor och personliga erfarenheter. Välkommen!
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