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Night Flight (The Gothic Empress series)
digital assemblage 2015
”Elisabeth Amalia Eugenie…no, that was no longer who she was…now she was The Empress, The Mother of the Country. She was also the mother of three young children of whom she didn´t see much, the Archduchess had full control over the royal houshold. Everywhere she went there always seemed to be the Archduchesses eyes andears present. The Emperor was always busy, working long hours and seemed to prefer to discuss the matters of the state with his mother and not with his young bride. The Empress was left alone with herthoughts, she could not entrust any of her Ladies in Waiting. She had been pregnant most of the time, not able to do the things she enjoyed the most; hiking and riding and the suffocating court life started to make her sick. So she began to escape whenever she could and her body might have been the ever monitored property of the state, but her mind was free. In her thoughts she went as far as she could, hoping not to return.

””I have awakened in a dungeon / With chains on my hands / And my longing ever stronger / And freedom! You, turned from me!””
©Susanna Varis

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Susanna Holmén Waris, född 1968 i Salo, Finland, civilingenjör från KTH och frilanskonstnär som arbetar inom järnvägen. Bloggen handlar om allt från konst, politik och vetenskap till mode, humor och personliga erfarenheter. Välkommen!
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